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Yes, all of Cupid’s Escorts Companions accommodate residential or hotel calls. Based on availability, our Companions are also available to accompany you on trips out of town or out of the country.

Our Companions are always appropriately attired and are strong believers in personal care and hygiene. We ask that you extend the same courtesy to them and have an envelope ready for the Companion with the requested donation in plain sight; it’s bad manners to make her ask for the gift.

AgencyOmega’s Companions like to turn heads, not raise eyebrows; it is not our business to draw unnecessary attention to ourselves. When entering a hotel or residence, they will be discreet and very well dressed for the occasion. Under no circumstances do we wear anything casual, which includes denim, workout gear, sneakers, or flip flops.

We do take appropriate clothing requests at the time of the booking. No one wants to show up in business casual at the theatre darling!

AgencyOmega does not own a premise where all the models are located. Each model lives at their home.  We have no say, influence or control with regard to where they stay.

Not at all! We won’t shy away from what makes you unique, and many of our ladies love seeing clients of varying abilities. Please let us know of any special arrangements at the time of booking, and feel free to search our portfolio to find a Companion who embraces your abilities.

As our Companions are available for local and international bookings, we recommend that you make your request as far in advance as possible. We do our best to accommodate bookings up to several months in advance.

Same day bookings are available (subject to a Companion’s availability) but we ask that you phone for this type of booking, and provide us with at least a one hour grace period to ensure a AgencyOmega’s Escort is able to come to your hotel or residence without being rushed.

Yes. We work with a wonderful photographer who takes all of our Companions’ photos. We personally arrange for and supervise the photo shoots of each Companion once they join the Cupid’s Escorts roster – it’s one of the many perks the ladies enjoy once they join the team. Photos are updated annually.

No we will not. We believe that discretion works both ways and strive to protect privacy as much as possible. We can assure you that we have high standards with whom we represent.

Now why would we have those? Nudity would imply AgencyOmega’s Escorts offers sexual services, which we do not. Don’t get us wrong, we appreciate the human form and all its wonders and appreciate art that celebrates this beauty. If you’d like to see nudes, we suggest booking a date with one of our Companions to visit a local gallery or museum to see what they have on display.